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Norfolk White Lady Ewes Milk 200g .

Norfolk White Lady is made at Willow Farm in Deopham near Wymondham, Norfolk. ‘Norfolk isn’t known for dairy’ says cheesemaker Jane Murray, ‘but my patch of land has richer, wetter soil than other parts of the county’. Hand made using the milk from a 60 strong herd of white Friesland sheep that graze in the Black Fens of Wymondham.

Norfolk White Lady is a full fat, vegetarian, soft, bloomy Brie style cheese. Although Brie like in appearance that is where the similarities end. Made from ewes milk the taste is tangy and slightly stronger than the traditional Brie with a flavour that is mild and creamy with a rich finish.

The individual cheese weighs approx 200g.


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Everything I've had there was excellent, and the staff are knowledgeable. I love being able to pre-order my loaves of sourdough too.

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